Accumulate Testnet 9.0 Millau Viaduct – Mainnet Release Candidate 3 

Written by Ben Stolman

On September 26, 2022

Today, Accumulate developers are announcing Testnet 9.0 Millau Viaduct – Mainnet Release Candidate 3. Named after the Millau Viaduct bridge located in Tran Valley, France, Accumulate’s Testnet 9.0 includes a variety of updates. Additionally, from this point onwards (until further notice), there will be two Testnets to make sure that third-party applications can remain stable. In addition, the DevNet will remain. The mobile application is compatible with the Beta RC1 version of the Testnet.   

  1. Testnet Beta RC1 is Testnet 7.0   
  1. Testnet RC3 is Testnet 9.0   
  1. DevNet is DevNet   

The mobile application will point to the Testnet Beta RC1  endpoint, which will be compatible with the Testnet Beta RC1 branch (Develop Branch – tag cli-v1.0.0-rc1.2) in the CLI and Testnet Beta RC1 in the Explorer ( To use new features in Accumulate, connect to the Testnet (9.0) Branch (Develop Branch – Tag cli-v1.0.0-rc3) in the CLI and use the Testnet RC3 option in the Explorer ( To interact with the Devnet use the Develop branch in the CLI and the Devnet option in the explorer (   

To switch from one branch to another in the CLI type git branch and the branch you would like to connect to. Make sure to do a git pull and go build to get the latest updates in the CLI.   

Protocol Highlights  

  • Import Pre-allocated ADIs – Adds a mechanism to add pre-defined ADIs to genesis and fixes some bugs.
  • Create identity sliding fee schedule – Add a sliding fee schedule for CreateIdentity transactions that charges more for shorter ADIs. The default schedule is exponential where 13 characters and below cost $5 and every character less multiplies the fee by 2 up to $20,480 for 1 character ADIs. This calculation is done after removing the `.acme` suffix. The dollar value is subject to change before Mainnet. 
  • Tag validator info with operator – Add an `Operator *url.URL` field to `ValidatorInfo` so validator entries can be tagged with the operator they belong to.

Accumulate Release Candidate 3 (RC3) Release Notes – 09/26/22 

🚀  New   

  • Prepare to upgrade testnet from RC2 to RC3  
  • Fix accounting of the faucet  
  • Factom genesis v2  
  • Export API types  
  • Import pre-allocated ADIs  
  • Fuzz test for executors  
  • Add index, time to block ledger  
  • Tag validator info with operator  
  • Support different peer addresses              
  • Include the major block index      
  • Stop on fatal error  
  • Shutdown if the DN stalls  
  • Create identity sliding fee schedule 

🔧  Fixes   

  • DN anchor accounting  
  • Anchor multisig bug  
  • Race condition on develop  
  • Cross-partition updateKeyPage signing    
  • JSON unmarshalling for some unions        
  • Entry hash in transaction result   
  • Refactor snapshots  
  • Don’t sign anchors when following            


  • Fix compatibility of transaction status  
  • Require key hashes to be 32 bytes             
  • Add read header timeout  
  • Support BPT entries with no account state  
  • Prevent or catch query tx panic   
  • Negative values check  

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