Accumulate Testnet 6.0 Zakim Release

Written by Ben Stolman

On June 9, 2022

With article contributions from Drew Mailen & WIsdom Nwokocha

Accumulate developers are announcing the release of Testnet 6.0, Zakim Bridge, named after the Leonard P. Zakim Bridge, which is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The Zakim Bridge and a connecting tunnel were both designed as part of the Big Dig, which was the largest highway construction project in the United States. 

From this point onwards (until further notice), there will be two Testnets to make sure that third-party applications can remain stable. In addition, the DevNet will remain. The mobile application is compatible with the Stable version of the Testnet.  

  1. Testnet Stable is Testnet 4.0  
  2. Testnet Beta is Testnet 6.0  
  3. DevNet is DevNet  

The mobile application will point to the Testnet Stable (4.0) endpoint, which will be compatible with the Testnet Stable Branch (Develop Branch – Tag v0.6.0 of the Devnet) in the CLI and Testnet Stable option in the Explorer ( 

To use new features in Accumulate, connect to the Testnet Beta (6.0) Branch (Develop Branch – Tag v0.8.1-beta) in the CLI and use the Testnet Beta option in the Explorer ( 

To interact with the Devnet use the Develop branch in the CLI and the Devnet option in the explorer (  

To switch from one branch to another in the CLI type git branch and the branch you would like to connect to. Make sure to do a git pull and go build to get the latest updates in the CLI.  

Protocol Highlights 

  • Major Block Implementation – Major Blocks capture the state of the network every 12 hours and will be anchored into other Layer 1 Protocols 
  • Add Factom Entries to Accumulate Block Validator Network – the capability to move Factom data to our Block Validator Networks has been realized 
  • Use ACME as a Top-Level Domain for Identities – Going forward, all Identities will end in .acme 
  • Require approval from all authorities for UpdateKeyPage and UpdateAccountAuth – When executing UpdateKeyPage or UpdateAccountAuth, require approval from all authorities, including disabled authorities. In other words, when executing one of those transactions, ignore the Disabled field of the authority set. 
  • Tendermint Snapshots – Ability to synchronize nodes to the current state using snapshots 

Accumulate 0.7 Release Notes – 06/08/22

🚀  New  

Change BurnTokens fee 

Tools for testing 

Remove data entry version field 

Create test data for merkle hashes 

Synthetic Transaction Failure Output 

Require approve from all authorities for UpdateKeyPage and UpdateAccountAuth 

Improve the routing info tool (for debugging) 

Allow the first entry to contain data entry on lite data account in cli 

Show lite identity info when showing a lite token account (CLI) 

Tendermint snapshots 

Send synthetic transactions separately 

Update the BPT to track the ADIs of accounts 

Make all transaction IDs routable 

Use acme as a TLD for identities 

Validate keys used to sign synthetic transactions and anchors 

Query BVN blocks for a given DN block 

Synchronize global values via anchor transactions 

Create a DN data account that defines the set of subnets 

Flush pending writes after each transaction 

Checktx guard against back door 

Add Factom Entries to Accumulate Block Validator Networks 

Advanced routing framework 

BVN/DN performance study and analysis (1 of 2) 

Major blocks 

🔧  Fixes  

Rounding error for validate threshold computation 

Fix devnet deploy 

CLI: Querying a lite token account uses the wrong precision for credits 

CLI account list gives error 

Partially Refund ACME Balance for Failed Add Credit Transaction (Deduct 1 Credits worth of ACME) 

API returns wrong chain state hashes 

TestMissingSynthTxn is flaky 

Account Creation with incorrect Principal e.g. creating an ADI token account referencing an ADI Token Account as the Principal 

Current Credit Balance Gets written over by New Credit Amount Added 

Keys are generated, but there is an error saying Key Required 

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