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Written by Accumulate

On December 14, 2021

With 800+ registrations so far, Accumulate’s first hackathon is off to a great start. In order to better introduce developers to Accumulate, there will be a webinar on December 16th, 2021 at 10:30 AM EST (UTC -5). Join the webinar at this Zoom link.

DeFi Devs developers will make presentations in this special webinar and the Accumulate protocol will be explored in greater depth. Topics to be covered include key features, differentiators, development tools, use cases, documentation, and environment setup. The webinar recording will be added to our YouTube channel if anyone is unable to attend.

  • Accumulate Introduction by Kyle Michelson
    • What is Accumulate?
    • Key features & differentiators
  • Accumulate’s Current Development Stage by Ben Stolman
    • Status of token accounts
    • Status of ADIs
    • Status of ADI Data Account
  • Types of Projects to Build by Quentin Vidal and Kyle Michelson
    • Development Tools
    • Use Cases
  • Environment Setup by Ethan Reesor
    • Documentation
    • Pre-Requisites
    • Cloning Accumulate Repository
    • Spinning up an Accumulate Node
  • CLI + Explorer Demo by Quentin Vidal
    • Building CLI
    • Basic Commands
  • Q&A

Visit the official Hackathon page for more information.

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