Web3 Realized

Accumulate is an identity-based blockchain protocol with multi-chain support, human-readable addresses, and key hierarchies.

An Identity-Based Blockchain Protocol

Accumulate is a new kind of blockchain protocol that is organized completely around identities. Accumulate Digital Identifiers (ADIs) can be assigned to organizations, devices people, or things.

Multi-Chain Support

Accumulate’s multi-chain architecture enables greater throughput. The interconnected network of chains results in 70,000 transactions per second (TPS) which makes it one of the fastest protocols.

Human-Readable Addresses

A human-readable address enables users to transact with a static address such as acc://Bob. This is in contrast to traditional random generated addresses such as 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa.

Key Hierarchies

Key hierarchies enable enterprise-grade security. Accumulate users can rotate, recreate, and reassign private keys when necessary. Using key hierarchies results in greater safety of assets.

An Ultra Fast & Massively Scalable Blockchain


Transactions Per Second

Testnet metric.


Block Settlement Time

Testnet metric.


Token Transfer Cost

Interoperability with Accumulate

Accumulate improves and integrates with any Layer 1 protocol. Accumulate helps other protocols with greater speed & scalability.

Transactions Per Second
Average Transaction Fee
Transaction Latency
Minimum Node Requirements
70,000 TPS
1 second
Yes (with native Accumulate identities)
100MB - wallet, 2GB - node
15 TPS
5.4 minutes
In development
50,000 TPS
400 milliseconds
Yes (with side chains)
1TB or larger (High TBW suggested)
1,000 TPS per Hydra
40 seconds
Yes (with side chains)
2,000 TPS
2 minutes
Yes (limited to Ethereum ecosystem)
80GB - 160GB
40,000 TPS
2 seconds
Yes (with side chains)
20 GB
7,000 TPS
2 milliseconds
Yes (limited to Ethereum ecosystem)
8 GB - node

Powered by ACME

Accumulate’s protocol is secured and powered by the ACME token. The mainnet activation of ACME is targeted for October/Q4 2022. Accumulate (ACME) is a hard fork of Factom (FCT) and all FCT holders will convert to ACME at a 1:5 ratio where 1 FCT will become 5 ACME.


Accumulate invites you to join its community and participate in the next generation of blockchain technology.